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One Off Cleaning in London

You may keep up with general everyday cleaning tasks, but there are moments when you need something more thorough such as one off cleaning. That could be because of moving house, ending a tenancy, or having building work done. Or perhaps you just want a proper spring clean from top to bottom.

Whatever the reason, this sort of intensive cleaning can seem a daunting, not to say exhausting, prospect, precisely because it is so comprehensive.

But if you’re based in the capital, Tenancy Cleaning London’s one off cleaning service can come to the rescue, whether you’re a tenant, householder or landlord. Our one off cleaners in London get to all those hard to reach nooks and crannies, ensuring your home is as perfectly clean as possible.

Home cleaning might be a favourite activity for some, but it's safe to say that most people aren't particularly fond of it. All the concern, effort and time one should be willing to spend are not something everyone is ready to sacrifice to keep their homes neat and fresh. If that is the case - we are able and willing to assist you on this task, as our cleaners are profesionally trained and ready to serve your needs for the time and effort needed!

Our cleaners at Tenancy Cleaning are ready to make sure your priority list is executed properly in accordance to your will and availability - they will visit your property and clean as much as they can for the time they are being hired! What we understand as one off cleaning in London is deep cleaning of kitchen and bathrooom, moving furniture wherever needed and even going through other rooms, if requested as well. The best thing about our one off cleaning service is that it is completely your decision how many hours and cleaners to book, depending on the condition of the property and what you would like to be cleaned!

Book your appointment with Tenancy Cleaning London on the telephone or online, by dialling 020 3404 5147. Job done!

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