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Wall Cleaning in London

Upon move-out, professional wall cleaning services may be required to meet the terms of a lease agreement. During a tenancy there may be stains or dirt and grime accumulated on the walls which are not considered normal wear and tear. If you have children, for instance, there may be crayon or pen and pencil marks that need removing. If your kitchen walls have grease stains or grime from cooking, it may be necessary to have them professionally cleaned to receive your deposit back.

Wall cleaning is a tough task. And walls tend to become dirty either because of every-day walking nearby (causing scuffs, etc.) or by accident, which is actually not a rare case. The usual one is the fingerprints left at all the switches – especially when switching lights on, since it’s usually dark; rubbing your shoes by accident or just dirt/dust/smoke sticking to the wall surface.

Since not many of us are wall cleaning specialists, what Margo's Tenancy Cleaning London offers is a wall washing service, using sugar soap upon request to make your walls look much better than before! Depending on the surface of the walls and their height our technicians will do their best in order to achieve maximum result and justify the money you’ve spent on the service !

Our professional wall cleaning services are designed to remove almost every stain from any type of walls, including painted walls, wood paneling, tiled walls and wallpapered walls. We use highly effective, eco-friendly methods to get rid of stains caused by cooking grease, smoke or water damage, mould and various other scuffs and stains. Combined with our quality overnight end of tenancy cleaning service, it’s an insurance you will get your deposit back.

Of course, there are some stains which are impossible to completely remove, but our techniques and cleaning products will make a dramatic improvement in most cases. If the stains cannot be completely removed by our professional cleaning methods, Margo's Tenancy Cleaning also provides expert wall painting, wall repair and wall-papering services upon request. Our wall cleaning service is available for the low rate of £15 per room.

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